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FAMILY - The Story Continues

Tift County Prom was on April 30th and we were happy to open our doors when someone approached us with the idea of Pre-Prom photos. You could not have asked for a more beautiful day. All of the students looked fabulous in their tuxes and dresses. What really touched me was the families, sometimes generations of families, sitting on the porch, sitting in the yard, sipping 'mocktails' and creating memories.

A home is made by the people that enter its doors. In that this home has been a source of love, comfort, and security for so many.

As Mike has worked to bring the gardens back he has found so many little reminders of the children that called this their home. A football, forgotten in the brush, how many times was it kicked across the yard? A dirt-filled coke bottle that quenched a summer thirst. Long ago dried-up paint bottles, used by a young artist full of dreams. So many stories. So many memories.

Now the legacy continues. We will be hosting a Father's Day Tea Party on June 19th. Complete with summer bonnets, white gloves, and pearls. That will be followed by a series of Etiquette Classes in July. And I cannot forget the release of my daughter's second novel, "Mercy's Reign".

The family legacies continue and I look forward to sharing them with all you.

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