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Thoughts from the Balcony

One of the reasons we choose to move to south-central Georgia is because we love to vacation on the Florida gulf coast. And this weekend is exactly why. Yesterday Mike and I drove the three and a half hours to Panama City Beach. Unfortunately, we didn't look at the weather and it will be raining for the next two days but who cares.

For most of Mike's life he has lived in the Virginia/Maryland/DC area, and for him to take the plunge and move to a small town in Georgia has been a culture shock. My biggest concern was his well-being. Mike is a creature of habit and for him to move across the country was a big deal. And now, he loves it.

I am so grateful for Mike. I have so many ideas about our new house and this new adventure Add into that the home renovations AND planning a home wedding . . . I get overwhelmed. Mike centers me. He talks me off the ledge. He offers the best advice. Lets me cry when I need to. And no matter how crazy I get he just rolls his eyes and loves me.

I have the best guy in the world. And I can't wait to become Mrs. Michael Raeder.

But first, we need beach time.

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