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An Artist's Point of View

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Art has always been a huge part of my life. I remember my first painting class with Ms Bievenue in High School. And while I have been known to paint when the mood hits me, I have never had a true passion for it.

Since moving to Tifton, Mike and I have been supporters of the Tifton Art and Heritage Museum. I have gotten involved as a docent at the Museum for their recent exhibit, "Reflections", featuring the works of local artists Mary Ann Cox and Cindy Hammond.

When I saw Mary Ann's work I was very impressed with her style. I had been wanting something created for the front room of our house but I didn't know what. That is until I say Mary Ann's work. So I did what one does, I looked her up on Facebook. Ha-Ha.

Mary Ann was immediately willing to work with us to create a painting of the house that 'reflected' the home's past, present, and future. I sent her photos of the house today and how it looked was the Cobbs first moved in. We think she captured it perfectly.

She has done an amazing job and I feel like this is the start of a long friendship.

Thank you Mary Ann.

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